Maintainers Guide

Below are notes and references for current and future maintainers and contributors to the YAML Form module.


Coding Standards

The YAML Form module follows all coding standards established by the Drupal community.

Below are the additional standards that should be followed.

Becoming a co-maintainer

Everyone is welcome to contribute to the YAML Form module by posting questions, issues, feature requests, and patches to the YAML Form module’s issue queue.

Pleases read best practices for co-maintaining projects for information on how to become a co-maintainer of the YAML Form module.

Below are some specific tips and tasks for becoming a better contributor and co-maintainer of the YAML Form module:

Giving commit credit

If others have contributed to the change you are committing, take the time to give them credit. Each commit message should contain at least one contributor name, even if it refers to yourself. Once a project has more than one maintainer, or is taken over by a new maintainer, it’s very valuable to know who actually wrote or contributed a certain change.
Commit messages - providing history and credit

Personally, I will give someone commit credit for simply taking the time out of their day to write a clear and concise ticket about a bug or issue.

I DO NOT give commit credit for people running automated code reviews and then generating patches without ever installing, testing, or actually using a module. It seems that certain organizations are just trying to ‘game’ the commit credit system and I don’t want to support this behavior.