Form Builder

The YAML Form module provides an intuitive form builder based upon Drupal 8’s best practices for user interface and user experience. The form builder allows non-technical users to easily build and maintain forms.

Form builder features include:

Form Settings

Form submission handling, messaging, and confirmations are completely customizable using global settings and/or form-specific settings.

Form settings that can be customized include:

Form Elements

The YAML Form module is built directly on top of Drupal 8’s Form API. Every form element available in Drupal 8 is supported by the YAML Form module.

Form elements include:

Custom Properties

All of Drupal 8’s default form element properties and behaviors are supported. There are also several custom form element properties and settings available to enhance a form element’s behavior.

Standard and custom properties allow for:

Viewing Source

At the heart of a YAML Form module’s form elements is a Drupal render array, which can be edited and managed by developers. The Drupal render array gives developers complete control over a form’s elements, layout, and look-and-feel by allowing developers to make bulk updates to a form’s label, descriptions, and behaviors.

States/Conditional Logic

Drupal’s State API can be used by developers to provide conditional logic to hide and show form elements.

Drupal’s State API supports:

Multistep Forms

Forms can be broken up into multiple pages using a progress bar. Authenticated users can save drafts and/or have their changes automatically saved as they progress through a long form.

Multistep form features include:


Upon form submission, customizable email notifications and confirmations can be sent to users and administrators.

An extendable plugin that allows developers to push submitted data to external or internal systems and/or applications is provided.

Email support features include:

Results Management

Form submissions can optionally be stored in the database, reviewed, and downloaded.

Submissions can also be flagged with administrative notes.

Results management features include:

Access Controls

The YAML Form module provides full access controls for managing who can create forms, post submissions, and access a form’s results.
Access controls can be applied to roles and/or specific users.

Access controls allow users to:

Reusable Templates

The YAML Form module provides a few starter templates and multiple example forms which form administrators can update or use to create new reusable templates for their organization.

Starter templates include:

Example forms include:

Reusable Options

Administrators can define reusable global options for select menus, checkboxes, and radio buttons. The YAML Form module includes default options for states, countries, likert answers, and more.

Reusable options include:


Forms and configuration can be translated into multiple languages using Drupal’s configuration translation system.

Drupal Integration

Forms can be attached to nodes or displayed as blocks. Forms can also have dedicated SEO-friendly URLs. Form elements are simply render arrays that can easily be altered using custom hooks and/or plugins.

Drush Integration

Drush commands are provided to: