Known Issues

Below are known Drupal 8 core issues that are affecting the YAML Form module.

Configuration Management

** [Issue #2808287: Importing YAML Form config file via the UI is throwing serialization error](

Importing configuration file using Drush is working fine.

Issue #1920902: Unable to tidy the bulk export of YamlForm and YamlFormOptions config files because Drupal’s YAML utility is not a service.

The YAML Form module provides drush commands to ‘tidy’ exported YAML and configuration files so they are easier to read and edit.

Form Elements

Drupal core forms system issues

Any changes, improvements, and bug fixes for Drupal’s Form API may directly impact the YAML Form module.

Issue #2502195: Regression: Form throws LogicException when trying to render a form with object as an element’s default value.

Impacts previewing entity autocomplete elements.

Issue #2207383: Create a tooltip component

Impacts displaying element description in a tooltip. jQuery UI’s tooltip’s UX is not great.

Drupal’s CKEditor link dialog replaces open dialog.

Makes it impossible to display the CKEditor in a dialog. Workaround: Use CKEditor’s link dialog.

Not sure this issue should be addressed by core.

#states API (Conditionals)

Date/time (datetime)

Issue #2419131: #states attribute does not work on #type datetime

Details (details)

Issue #2348851: Regression: Allow HTML tags inside detail summary

Item (item)

Issue #783438: #states doesn’t work for #type item

HTML markup (markup)

Issue #2700667: Notice: Undefined index: #type in drupal_process_states()

Managed file (managed_file)

Issue #2705471: Form states managed file fields

Password confirm (password_confirm)

Issue #1427838: password and password_confirm children do not pick up #states or #attributes

Select (select)

Issue #1426646: “-Select-” option is lost when form elements uses ‘#states’

Issue #1149078: States API doesn’t work with multiple select fields

Issue #2791741: FAPI states: fields aren’t hidden initally when depending on multi-value selection

Radios (radios)

Issue #2731991: Setting required on radios marks all options required

Issue #994360: #states cannot disable/enable radios and checkboxes

Text format (text_format)

Issue #997826: #states doesn’t work correctly with type text_format

Issue #2625128: Text format selection stays visible when using editor and a hidden form state

Submission Display

Issue #2484693: Telephone Link field formatter breaks Drupal with 5 digits or less in the number

Workaround is to manually build a static HTML link. See: \Drupal\yamlform\Plugin\YamlFormElement\Telephone::formatHtml

Access Control

Issue #2636066: Access control is not applied to config entity queries

Workaround: Manually check form access. See: Drupal\yamlform\YamlFormEntityListBuilder

User Interface

Issue #2235581: Make Token Dialog support inserting in WYSIWYGs (TinyMCE, CKEditor, etc.)

This blocks tokens from being inserted easily into the CodeMirror widget. Workaround: Disable ‘#click_insert’ functionality from the token dialog.

Config entity does NOT support Entity Validation API

Validation constraints are only applicable to content entities and fields.

In D8 all config entity validation is handled via \Drupal\Core\Form\FormInterface::validateForm

Workaround: Created the YamlFormEntityElementsValidator service.

Issue #2585169: Unable to alter local actions prior to rendering

Makes it impossible to open an action in a dialog.
Workaround: Add local action to a controller’s response.